Moving Roseville forward together
Jason and his daughter planting
trees for the new Arboretum orchard

I am running for Re-election to the Roseville City Council because I feel I have worked well with the community to make real progress over the last four years. I would like your support to broaden those efforts over the next four years. I will continue to be a leader who is thoughtful, balanced and focused on the best interests of the community as a whole.

I have a positive track record of engaging with our citizens, other Council members, both school districts that serve our community, the County, and other community groups to revitalize Roseville and make it one of the most desirable suburbs in the Twin Cities. Together we share the vital role of working together to improve our housing, our transportation system, our parks, our public safety, and our neighborhoods.

I share the community’s vision for the future of Roseville that includes caring for what we have now, looking for ways to make Roseville a destination for new families and honoring and supporting the many life-long residents of Roseville.

Some of the key initiatives and actions I have supported over the last four years include:

  • Making decisions that consider the entire community and what is best for all, especially residents in neighborhoods.
  • Updating City processes and resources to improve communication between residents and the City including adding the Community Engagement Commission, improving the City web site and starting new interactive tools on the web site to get more thoughts directly from residents.
  • Budgeting that is responsive to resident interests while being conscious of tax impacts. This includes a 2016 budget and levy that resulted in a decrease in the total cost for city services to the median valued Roseville home.
  • Strengthening our parks and recreation system as the jewel of Roseville through updates to aging facilities and expansion of services.
  • Making key investments in our infrastructure including our roads, water and sewer lines, and our parks system.
  • Improving care of our environment including water quality and preservation of more trees and natural space through changes in our development process.
  • Expansion of the recycling program to include most plastics and moving to a single-sort program in a rolling cart.
  • Extending sidewalks and trails to connect more people safely throughout the community including County Road B, County Road B2 and Victoria St.
  • Increasing City support for the Roseville Seniors program and backing new resident-City initiatives to support aging in place.

Jason working at a community playground build.

Jason Etten Helping to Build Community Playground

In the next four years I would like to continue to focus on key elements of what I have already done and add new areas:

  • Adopt budgets that make key investments in the City and respond to citizen interests while being financially responsible.
  • Broaden improvements in our communication with residents, looking for ways to better include citizens in the work of the City.
  • Advocate for greater City focus on reinvestment in South East Roseville and the Rice-Larpenteur corridor
  • Expand our focus on environmental stewardship to include adding solar power on City buildings and making investments in the health of natural spaces in City parks.
  • Grow Police and Fire department efforts to connect with and be responsive to the needs of all residents.
  • Support our Seniors having positive connections in the community that promote health and reduce isolation.
  • Continue to expand sidewalk and pathway connections to help move people safely to parks, schools, public transit, and businesses.
  • Develop new ways to make Roseville an attractive place for people to live, work and play, attracting new people to Roseville and creating a greater sense of pride in the community.

Thank you for supporting my candidacy for re-election to the Roseville City Council. I would be honored to have your vote on November 8. Working together we will continue to strengthen Roseville!

Thank you,

Please Email Us or call: 651.765.6364 with any questions or comments you have about Jason's Filing Statement.